Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Upgrading a v8.2 dataset to v9

The process to upgrade a v8.2 dataset to v9 is very straightforward, but before doing so, take a moment to think through the pros and cons because once you have upgraded the data you will no longer be able to open it with v8.2

Generally speaking you should find more positives than negatives, but perhaps you're locked into an older CAD format (<2008) for the project by your client and that format is not supported by v9? The project is almost completed and v8.2 is doing everything you require? Other members of the design team are using v8.2? You're providing the CodeBook database files to your client, which they are plugging into their own systems?

None of the above are a showstopper, but think it through first, take a backup of your files and talk to others.

OK, so the process for upgrading your v8.2 data to v9 is simply:
1. Run the file 'CodeBook_v82_data_upgrade.exe'
2. You'll be asked to select the CodeBook project database you want to upgrade
3. Then you'll be asked to select the Codebook library that you want to upgrade
...refer to CIS-56 for more information...

Once you've run through this process, fire up CodeBook v9 and take a look!

One of the main differences between the versions is that in v8.2 all of the lookups, room data templates, equipment and assemblies were stored in a single library database. CodeBook has evolved substantially during the last few years and storing the lookups and room data templates in one database (CDEB_RmDataLib.mdb) and the equipment and assemblies in another (CDEB_EquipLib.mdb) made sense for many reasons. The v9 library files are more portable, arguably there are performance advantages and now there are many more options and possibilities regarding equipment and it's associated data.

So when you run the 'CodeBook_v82_data_upgrade.exe' what is happening in the background is that your equipment library is being split into two databases one containing room data information and one containing equipment.

The CodeBook project database and library are still connected through linked tables and most users won't notice any real difference other than having to select the location of the Equipment library and also having to select the location of the Room Data library upon opening a project for the first time in v9.

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