Tuesday, 29 July 2014

So long...

You might have heard that I recently joined the dRofus leadership team and have not been blogging about CodeBook for some time now.

I'll leave the blog here for posterity and hope that it continues to provide some help and guidance for those out there using the software, but alas this will be my last post.

I used CodeBook successfully for many years at several practices and in the right hands it can do great things for projects. I wish Peter and the other CodeBook staff all the best for the future.

People often ask me "Why did you join dRofus?" or "dRofus is the same as CodeBook isn't it?"

Granted there is some overlap, but I would suggest that this is only around 25-33% (i.e. similar features in both systems, focussed mainly around rooms and ff&e).

dRofus has many features that CodeBook doesn't (+ vice versa) and as BIM becomes the project delivery norm and we move to more data-driven design processes, I see a great future for dRofus, CodeBook and others in the market place - plus some healthy competition!

Make it happen.

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